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Titre Ssireum. Traditional wrestling in the Republic of Korea
Commentaire Ssireum is a living testimony to how people have lived as members of communities in Korea. One of the most time-honored traditional games, wrestling is till actively practiced across the country. With no need to provide any particular space or equipment, Koreans naturally develop wrestling knowledge and skills throughout their life. In childhood, they experience ssireum at home, in the neighborhood, and at school. Ssireum is regarded as an indispensable element at local and community events, such as those held at traditional holidays, on market days, for annual sports days at school, and at local festivals.
Langue anglais
Date de parution 01/01/18
ISBN/ISSN 9788964332160
Lieu(x) de consultation Maison du Patrimoine Oral de Bourgogne, Anost (71)
Cote 390 SSI